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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Busch & Muller Cyclestar Mirror

Busch & Mueller Cyclestar Mirror

This is another piece of gear that I am more than happy spending the money for.  So much so that now we have three of them in our family.  Two on my bike and one on my wife’s bike, (she also runs a Zefal Spy Mirror).

I realize that mirrors are something that some cyclists turn their nose up at as not being cool, super lightweight or messing up their aerodynamics.  But let’s face it, as a cyclist, our primary threat axis is from the rear. 

As a recumbent rider, it’s more than a little difficult to turn the head and body around to check what is back there, that’s where good mirrors come in handy.

The Cyclestar mirrors have a large 3” or so diameter and are easy to see, even with my diabetic eyes.    They are more than big enough to be able to resolve out what the drivers behind you are doing, (eyeballs deep in their phone, disciplining poorly behaved children, messing with their GPS/Radio/CD player, watching a movie, doing their makeup, shaving, or any number of odd & stupid stuff some people do while driving a car at 40+ mph down a suburban road).

The B&M Cyclestars are not lightweight, not made out of unobtanium, or super aerodynamic.  They will however, save your life if you use them.  You will be able to see when that inattentive driver is coming up behind you at 50 mph and give you the time needed to bail for the ditch.

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