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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Maybe God is trying to tell me something...

Let's see in the last couple of weeks it's been a bit of a fun ride.

  1. While setting up the tent during the Cub Scout camp out I managed to punch a tent stake into my foot.  Lesson learned, don't try to "step" in a tent peg while wearing running shoes.
  2. During the open house for TIRR, (Texas Independent Ridgeback Ranch) I managed to get broadsided in my left knee by the Amos and Andy show, (a pair of Great Dane/Ridgeback mixes).  It was painful enough I was wondering if I'd torn the meniscus.  Lesson learned, watch out for big dogs.
  3. Monkey child #3 brought the latest version of the plague home.  It made it's way through all of us here.  Now it seems to be mutating and rotating and coming back around for round #2.  Lesson learned, anytime our kids have been around other kids spray them down with bleach and hydrogen peroxide.
  4. While mowing the lawn I managed to find the very last roofing staple left in the lawn and it managed to punch straight through my shoe and almost into my foot.  Lesson learned, there is always something else sharp to step on.
All of this has conspired to keep me off the bike when I really need to get back to riding on a regular basis.

I'm wondering if God's next messenger is going to be Susie Soccer Mom in her SUV doing 50 mph through a school zone while talking on her cell phone and refereeing her two little darlings who are staging World War III over who got what Mc'D's Happy Meal.  

1 comment:

  1. #1 and #4 mean to wear steel shanked shoes.
    #2, after living with clumsy Cody for all these years I thought you knew to watch out for big dogs!
    #3, either that, or biohazard isolation suits for all of them!

    And as for your last comment involving SUV's, I sure hope NOT!