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Sunday, July 28, 2013

&$#@!! Strava!

Well doesn't that just bite!

Last week I had a couple of great rides in the early morning.  I hit a couple parts of the routes at flat out, full gas, balls to the walls speed chasing a couple of segments on Strava.

And it seems Strava "lost" my data.  Two different segments didn't register for whatever reason, just poof, gone!  Seems Strava has no issue showing the world my dog slow segments, (trust me, I'd be happy if they would "lose" those).  But no, they've got to go and lose my fast ones that bring me up to a competitive level with some of the fast folks in the area.

I've submitted support requests and they assure me that they strive to handle them in 48 hours...  Yea about that, it's been four days and I'm still waiting.

Glad I've not shelled out the cash for a premium membership. 

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