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Monday, November 3, 2014

Making it hurt Monday!

I've decided to add in a once a week hill workout to my routine on the bike.

The rides are designed to be relatively short but intense, to hammer up whatever I can find hill wise to build power in the legs.  The idea is to hit the hill as hard and fast as I can, I figure if I can still ride at the top of it, I need to hit it harder next time.  Fortunately one of today's hills/Strava Segments, COC ends at a dumpster, (yea, I know, very scenic), I about put the dumpster to use as I was about ready to puke after run #2 on the hill.

Today's Making it Hurt Monday is below.

Not bad results for an old fat guy..  Two King of the Mountains and a fourth overall.  One of those guys 9 seconds BEHIND me, races for Giant/Shimano and is a sponsored PRO rider, just sayin...

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  1. Very nice!

    I'm envious of the elevation. It's fairly flat where I live.