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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Same "stuff" different day.

I guess I'm making up for lost time with crashing this last week.  Seems I managed to go a few years without any major crashes and now, "Murphy" is catching up to me.

Friday I went out for quick ride just to loosen the legs up, the plan had been for about 30 miles at a nice and easy pace.  A nice and easy ride, on my new to me wonder bike, my Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2.0, my dream bike..  That's what I had planned.  "Murphy" and an expansion joint in the road had other ideas however.

Caught the expansion joint at a shallow angle, both wheels dropped into it and the bike slapped me down hard on my right side. 

And do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your own backside, especially while dripping sweat and using, "coarse Marine Corps language"..

And yep, I posted all those up on Instagram and Strava..  Figured I may as well give someone some laughs out there.

Fortunately once again the love of my life came to my rescue and showed up in short order to haul me back home.  She did want to take me straight to the ER at Baylor but I vetoed that idea as I didn't think it was that bad.  Note, adrenaline kind of damps the pain receptors, just saying...

After a shower and some at home wound debridement, (aka scrubbing with what felt like molten lava).  I figured I'd be ok.  That was until the pain from the road rash gave way to the deep bone pain in the hip.

Vicky hauled me off to my primary care who got a good laugh after looking at what was left of my backside then wrote me orders for xrays and a scrip for some happy pills.  Off to the X-ray place, contortions of the offended hip, some pictures and waiting we found out nothing was broken.  My primary care doctor was happy to relate that it was just a deep bone bruise and would take longer to heal than an actual fracture.  I'm pretty sure I heard her laughing as she was saying that, still like her though cause she's a no bull sh*t type of person.

Fortunately other than doctor visits and x-ray bills this wasn't that "bike expensive".  The current tally is:

  • One rear derailleur fixing bolt, pretty much ground down to almost nothing
  • Scuffed three week old SRAM TT900 rear shifter
  • Scuffed brake lever
  • Scuffed mirror mount
  • One trashed pair of 10 year old bibs
  • A pair of bars that took some heavy damage and may need replaced
  • A week off both my upright bike and my recumbent
Now the trick is to just remain sane during my bike exile.


  1. Ouch - I've not had a butt chewing by either road or boss that looked that painful. Here's hoping this finds you feeling a little more comfortable and not sidelined for long

    1. Yes he did make it in to work today, though the contortions necessary to get in/out of the Honda made me wince in sympathy. Perhaps tomorrow he will accept my offer of the van instead.

    2. And I didn't even post the "Money shot" that Monkeywrangler took later.. I've not lost that much backside since a certain Marine Corps Captain was threatening to send me to Leavenworth, (really, I don't know how he levitated across that room)..

  2. Yowza! The wound looks horrid. I do pray you're all healed up now. Might wanna invest in a treadmill. The falls are shorter and a lot less critical. God bless. ~:)
    (Popped over from MonkeyWranglers blog. I agree she is a sweet lady.)

  3. Hope you heal well and hope your luck improves!