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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rabbits for breakfast!

The game plan for this morning's ride had been for a nice light 50 or so mile ride.  Just spin the legs, get some blood flowing into the injured muscle to help it heal. 

Something about best laid plans however.

Right out of the gate, just as I was coming out of the driveway at the house, guy on a road bike goes by, Vicky says, "Oh look!  Another cyclist!", I say, "Hmm, looks like rabbit for breakfast!"  She just rolled her eyes at me.

He was an easy catch, nabbed him before the first mile was done, thought now I can slow down and just spin.  That was until two groups of triathletes went by before I made it onto Hardin, two more herds of rabbits down and the legs were nicely warmed up.

Saw another group of cyclists coming off of CR 86 and I ended up being their rabbit, they went hungry however, which was a good thing as my legs were starting to get twitchy and were thinking of cramping.

Up to Gunter, water, gatoraid, and a Cliff bar and it was time to enjoy the tailwind home.

I got into Weston and stopped at the Baptist church to stretch out the legs since they were getting unhappy and starting to complain.  Just as I was starting out of Weston I saw a big group of cyclists had regrouped and were heading out behind me.  Great, I get to play rabbit again!  There is one advantage to riding a 38# bike, adding in 10# of water, and then parking my fat butt on it and that is gravity is my friend!  The road I was being chased down has a slight downhill profile.  I had more than a bit of fun watching the paceline form up in my mirror and watching them try and run me down.  I'll hand it to them, that was a nice pretty rotating pace line they had going, they would start to catch up on the slight uphills but as soon as the road turned flat, I could hold them off, on the downhills, I just walked away.  Unfortunately I was also burning every last danged match I had keeping away from them.  On the uphills I was just a heart beat or two under my red zone and the legs were just on the verge of cramping.  On the flats and downhills, I could managed to recover about five beats per minute on the heart rate and ease off on the legs to give them a break, good practice however for the upcoming Hotter than Hell 100.

All in all, 55 miles done at a 17.3 average, one feedzone sticky sweet rice cake, a Cliff bar, and a gatoraid for the ride.  Post ride, my blood sugar clocked in at 90, down from 156 first thing in the morning.  Pretty happy with that number also.

Strava data is below.

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  1. Good job on the ride! Your avg speed sure is going up.