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Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Goals and plans

A new year means a time to reassess last year and set some new goals for the new year.

Last year saw me riding more miles than in the previous three years which was good.

2015 goals

For the bike
  • No injuries or major illness
  • No major crashes
  • 6500 miles for the year
  • Sub 5 hour century during Tour De Cure in June
  • Double century completed
  • March through October a century a month
  • Riding with the local C & B groups instead of either chasing them or them chasing me
  • Defending my Strava KOMs and earning 10 more
  • More time on the tandem with my wife
  • Muenster Metric on the tandem with my wife with an added goal of busting 55 mph on "THE HILL"
For my diabetes
  • A1C down below 7
  • 100% use of CGM when it shows up
  • Controlling my binge eating when I have a low blood sugar event
  • Weight down to below 190 pounds consistently
For my kids
  • Getting them comfortable and sure on the bike in traffic
  • Getting them faster and more confident on their abilities
  • Local beginners group rides for them
  • At least three "T-Shirt" rides for them

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