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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Well that was a bit boring..

I finally got out for a ride, my second this year.  I was glad to be back on the bike and all excited to see what data I got out of my Dexcom G4 Platinum, (yes, product plug) during the ride..

Yawn, talk about boring!  I started off at about 141 mg/dl, (a little high due to having a banana 30 minutes prior).  I finished around 92 mg/dl after an almost 2 1/2 hour ride.

The little bump in the middle is where I stopped and had a Natures Bakery blueberry fig bar worth 20 grams of carbohydrates.  The ski ramp at the end is a protein smoothie loaded with fruit and protein powder.

I honestly see a steeper decline on my blood sugar when I am working out on the weight pile than I did for this ride, which to me is interesting.  While I'm not going to switch exclusively to pushing around heavy weights, I'll probably incorporate some form of weight training into my regular routine.

As to the ride?  It was a good one considering I'd been off the bike for a while due to dinging up my wrist, it's kind of hard to ride when you can't squeeze a brake lever. 

I did find out that my wrist is in no way 100%, yes I could squeeze the brake lever, no I wasn't real happy doing it.  The vibration on rough roads definitely irritate the damage.  Also my right elbow is currently being plagued by tennis elbow, (and I don't play tennis).  This is a problem as my water bottles on my recumbent are on my seat bag right behind my shoulders, this requires me to reach over my shoulder, behind my back, grab the bottle and pull, not fun at all with my elbow inflamed.  Guess I am going to have to ride with my Camelbak bladder for awhile.

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  1. Hey Dave, good to hear you are healing and were able to make it out for a ride.

    I remember back when I got my diabetes education, they extolled the virtues of doing both cardio and strength training. Incorporating weight lifting into your exercise routine is a great idea.

    If you know any motivational tips for getting started, let me know. I'm looking great in the legs but from the belly upwards I'm still part Pillsbury Doughboy. :D