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Friday, January 27, 2012

Midweek training and stupid dog tricks

So far most of my posts have just focused on my long rides on the weekends.  I do train during the week either by riding, walking or running.  My wife and I usually alternate with riding and walking with the kids.  Monday & Wednesday I ride, and she walks, Tuesday & Thursday she rides and I take the kids for a run.  This week however has been different.

First it rained here in the MetroMess.  We're still puzzled how that happened but we aren't looking a gift horse in the mouth.  Between Tuesday and Wednesday we got around 6" of very welcome rain.  While I don't mind running in a light rain, a monsoon isn't something I'd enjoy.  Consequently my normal midweek training was off.

Tonight, I took the kids and the dog for a run.  We ran our normal route, (about 3 miles) and were finishing up a nice little run.  The kids and I have a routine of finishing the run off with a sprint home.  The kids and I all have fun with this, Cody the dog, though doesn't enjoy a full on sprint pace.

Well this evening Cody thought he would take a short cut toward the door as we were sprinting for home.  Unfortunately, his two brain cells didn't fire in order and he failed to account for the brick mailbox.  He headed to the inside of it while I was on the outside of it.  Mind you, we were attached by a nice stout leash looped around my left wrist.

Cody hit full stop courtesy of a face full of brick mailbox, I go from full warp nine sprint to full stop courtesy of a dog, a mailbox, and the leash.  Newton said, "a body in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an outside force".  That "outside force"  ended up doing some rather unpleasant things to my shoulder and wrist.  I have a feeling that they are going to be singing rather loudly tomorrow.

And for you readers who are going who cares about you!  What about the dog?  Cody's fine, neither brain cell was hurt.  He's a little scuffed up and another scrape or two but nothing major.  How I'm going to explain to my neighbor about the dog sized dent in his brick is another issue though.

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