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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The numbers are in! My final numbers from 2011

Final numbers from 2011

Well the tallies are in and the numbers have been crunched. 
Since June 1, 2011 when my wife and I started this insanity, I’ve managed:

  • 1170.82 miles on the bike including two metric centuries, one of those was with the Lone Star Randonneurs
  • 213.01 miles walking or running
  • My average gross calorie intake was 1795 calories
  • My average net calories, (gross calories - calories burned during exercise) was 1121 calories
  • My total weight loss was 52 pounds
  • My fasting blood glucose readings went from in the 240's to the 110's
  • My insulin use dropped from 60 units a day down to around 15 units

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