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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Notes on Stupid People Tricks!

People continue to amaze me…  They are a constant source of amusement and head scratching. 
I’d like to think my family and I live in a reasonable area.  We’re in the middle of suburbia, most of the people in our area are professionals of one sort or another which should mean they posses at least a little brain power however their behavior on the local MUP, (Multi User Path) leads me to question that.
Dear readers I give you the following idiots:

Techno Tom/Tammi, (TT). 

TT is a gadget geek.  TT is one of those people who simply must be plugged in to the world in any way possible for 24 hours a day.  TT is easily recognizable while on the trail as the person standing RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING TRAIL staring at their latest and greatest smart phone.  TT is usually so absorbed in answering whatever latest email/tweet/blog that they are totally FREAKING OBLIVIOUS to anything happening around them.  Case in point is one night I was finishing up a nice workout and heading home on the MUP.  Sure enough, right in the middle of the trail was Techno Tom.  I kicked on almost 1500 lumens of strobe light, heck, I could see the light bouncing off his phone…    I dinged my courtesy bell multiple times, no clue, “on your left”, “ON YOUR LEFT”, “ON YOUR LEFT!” and still not a freaking clue.  When I finally squeaked by him, he jumped and called me everything in the book…  Gee thanks.

Blacked out Bob/Bethany.

BB is one of those really nice folks who think wearing dark clothes, carrying no lights, and owning no reflective gear is OK for going out at night!  They are a true joy to discover on the trail.  You usually find them about 10’ and closing fast as a dark on darker shape.  Fortunately BB and TT don’t combine to often cause the light coming off their smart phones usually gives them away.

Clueless Chuck/Carrie.

CC is a person who is just so wrapped up in whatever passes for music they are stuffing into their ears at 150 db courtesy of their IPOD that they have NO CLUE anyone else is out there.   These folks are a real pet peeve of mine, particularly teenage girls.  Get a clue girls, there really are predators out there.  Walking through life oblivious to your surroundings will not protect you.  Head up, eyes looking around, and ears listening will help keep you safe.  If you want to go through life clueless, please find another area to do it, I don’t want you bringing predators into the same area where I have to protect my children from them.  Combine them with BB and you get a real winner.

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